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Here is a compilation of the best F150 spark plugs that reduce damages to your engine and enhances fuel efficiency. Jump on this and let us know what you think!

Ford F150 spark plugs are your typical ‘small but mighty’ car accessories. You might try to underestimate the importance of these plugs because of their size. However, these plugs serve as an electricity link, which creates the needed snap for your engine to run smoothly.

How are these small spark plugs electricity links? They provide an electricity bolt across a gap needed to ignite the combustion of your engine. They are responsible for improving the efficiency and speed of your Ford engine.

If you are experiencing any issues with starting your truck, then you need to replace the spark plug in your engine. In this review, we have compiled a list of the best spark plugs F150 for you.

Read through to discover the best choice for your Ford F150 model.

The Best Ford F150 Spark Plugs

Products Quick Reference Table


1. Best spark plugs for 5.0 F150

3951 Spark Plugs by NGK


2. Best 2004 Ford F150 Spark Plugs

SP515 Spark Plug by AD Auto Parts


3. Best 2003 Ford F150 spark plugs

Denso Platinum Spark Plugs (4511)


4. Best 2005 Ford F150 5.4 Spark Plugs

SP-515 Plug by Motorcraft


5. Best Spark plugs for F150 Ecoboost

OEM Motorcraft SP546 Spark Plug


6. Best F150 Ecoboost Spark plugs

Automotive E3 Spark Plug


7. Best 4.6 2007 Ford F150 Spark plugs

OEM Spark Plugs and Ignition Coils by MAS


8. Best 2008 Ford F150 Spark Plugs

ENA Spark Plugs


Top 8 Ford F150 Spark Plugs of all time!

3951 Spark Plugs by NGK – Best spark plugs for 5.0 F150

The 3951 spark plugs are the best spark plugs for 5.0 F150. Produced by the NGK brand in packs of 8, they are suitable for the 1997 Ford F150 5.0.


  • Pre-gapped: These spark plugs are pre-gapped for driver’s convenience during installation.
  • Increases performance: The NGK brand is known for producing spark plugs that boost a vehicle’s engine and ensure optimum performance.
  • The NGK spark plugs are available in a set of eight.


  • Not suitable for all Ford Models: The NGK spark plug is for few selected F150 models. Drivers must ensure it is the right fit for their model before placing an order.

Our Judgment

The NGK brand is notable for producing efficient spark plugs. Although the plug is only compatible with older f150 models, it is the best spark plug for 5.0 F150. You cannot go wrong with this choice!

SP515 Spark Plug by AD Auto Parts – Best 2004 Ford F150 Spark Plugs  

These pack of AD auto Parts contains eight spark plugs and are recommended by Ford Motors as an original replacement part. These 2004 F150 spark plugs maximize performance and are corrosion – resistant. They are compatible with 2004–2007 Ford F150 trucks.


  • Affordable: These auto spark plugs are budget-friendly and effective. You wouldn’t have to break a bank to afford them.
  • No Defects: The Ford F150 spark plugs are not defective. There are no faults or damages noticed on the product upon delivery.
  • Available in a set of eight spark plugs.
  • Original Parts: These spark plugs are recommended for use by Ford Motors. They are compatible with your Ford F150, and you wouldn’t have to worry about the effects of using a substandard product.


  • Misplaced Plugs: Drivers complain of receiving a different set of spark plugs when they order for the AD auto part plugs. This oversight is a result of poor quality control on the part of the manufacturer.
  • Breaks off when removed: These spark plugs for Ford F150 stand a risk of breaking off when removed. You might need a plug extractor to pull them out if you intend to install a new set of replacements.

What do we think?

This spark plug is an excellent OEM replacement for your 2004 – 2007 Ford F150 as long as you adhere strictly to the Ford motor guide on installation and removal of spark plugs.

Denso Platinum Spark Plugs (4511) – Best 2003 Ford F150 spark plugs 

These 2003 Ford F150 spark plugs are a 6-set of platinum plugs made by Denso. They possess a twin-tip design; their center electrodes are made of platinum, while the ground electrode is made of titanium alloy.


  • Twin-tip design: These Denso Ford F150 spark plugs possess center and ground electrodes made of platinum and titanium alloy, respectively.
  • Pre-gapped Plugs: Drivers would not need to worry about gapping these plugs before installation.
  • Denso set contains six spark plugs.
  • Boosts Engine acceleration: The Denso plugs triggers a responsive and smooth engine speed.
  • The Denso 4511 is the best spark plug for the 2003 Ford F150 truck.


  • Wrong Parts: During delivery, some vehicle owners receive a different spark plug rather than the one they ordered for.

What do we think?

If you own a 2003 Ford F150 truck, this is the spark plug for your engine. However, you might need to look out for the parts delivered to you.

SP-515 Plug by Motorcraft – Best 2005 Ford F150 5.4 Spark Plugs 

The Motorcraft brand produced this 2005 F150 5.4 Spark plugs, which are OEM parts suitable for Ford F150 vehicles. Unlike other packs that contain eight plugs, the SP-515 pack contains just one spark plug. It is compatible with 2004 – 2006 Ford F150 and 2007 V8 F150 in best spark plugs for Ford F150.


  • Pre-gapped plugs: The manufacturer pre-gaps the SP-515 plugs, which saves drivers the stress of manually gapping the plugs.
  • Excellent Packaging: The Motorcraft 2006 F150 spark plugs are delivered in an untampered packaging. Therefore, there is a low risk of breakages and defects on arrival.
  • The Sp-515 is the best spark plug for 2004 – 2006 Ford F150.


  • Substandard setup: Drivers complain that the electrodes of these spark plugs burn and break off easily.
  • Low Quality: These 2006 F150 5.4 Spark plugs are faulty and might fail within a short time.
  • Hard to remove: Installing a replacement for these spark plugs in the future might be tasking. The Sp-515 does not come off quickly and would require a plug extractor to avoid damage to the bottom.

Our Verdict

The SP-515 is a low-priced alternative for starting your truck. It is already pre-gapped and would save you the manual labor of gapping the plug before installing.

OEM Motorcraft SP546  Spark Plug – Best Spark plugs for F150 Ecoboost 

The platinum-made spark plugs by Herko Automotive are the best F150 Ecoboost spark plugs. They are packed in two boxes containing four spark plugs each. They are also compatible with your 5.4 F150 trucks. However, these spark plugs are the best choice for 2005 & 2006 Ford F150 vehicles.


  • Upgraded Design: The Sp-546 is an improved version of other lower plug models. The spark plugs are upgraded for better efficiency.
  • Perfect OEM replacement: The 2005 F150 spark plugs serve the best purpose for starting your vehicle and improved acceleration.
  • High Quality: The spark plugs arrive in perfect condition and are not defective.
  • Set of eight spark plugs.
  • They are the best spark plug for 2005 V8 Ford F150 and 2006 Ford F150.


  • Poor Quality Control: Manufacturers do not ensure that every pack contains the right spark plugs. Drivers complain of receiving the wrong SP-546 plugs.
  • Plug Misfires: Some of these 2006 Ford F150 spark plugs might cause your truck engine to misfire when fixed.
  • Not Durable: The SP-546 spark plugs stand the risk of busting after some months of use.

Our judgment

These 2005 Ford F150 spark plugs have an upgraded design and are the best factory-fit replacement for the spoilt plugs in your engine.

Automotive E3 Spark Plug – Best F150 Ecoboost Spark plugs

This Ecoboost F150 spark plug by the E3 brand has a unique ELECTRODE technology that produces more pressure and spark and eliminates carbon deposits, hindering effective performance. These are the best spark plugs Ford F150 with a nickel-plated end and a 5-year limited warranty. It is compatible with 2011, 2012, 2014 Ford F150 Ecoboost. 


  • Improves throttle response: If you dislike the throttle response of your truck engine. These 2011 F150 Ecoboost spark plugs are the best upgrade for a better fuel economy and throttle response.
  • Best Performance Ecoboost Spark Plugs: These are the best Ecoboost plugs for your Ford F150. They are reliable and efficient.
  • 5-year warranty: The product has a limited warranty backing all damages and defects.


  • They are not OEM parts: The E3 spark plugs are not original parts recommended by Ford Motors. Some drivers shy away from products that are not factory-fit.
  • Misfires: The spark plugs might cause your engine to misfire after prolonged use.

Our Opinion

Although these E3 spark plugs are best for Ecoboost engines, they are not the best spark plugs for 2013 F150 Ecoboost. They are more compatible with 2011, 2012, and 2014 Ford F150 Ecoboost.

OEM Spark Plugs and Ignition Coils by MAS – Best 4.6 2007 Ford F150 Spark plugs 

These MAS pack of spark plugs also contains ignition coils designed with top-grade materials for heat resistance. These plugs have a one-year limited warranty. They are constructed to meet all factory-set standards qualifying them as OEM parts. These 2007 F150 spark plugs are also compatible with 08-10 Ford F150 and 2005 4.6L F150.


  • Limited Warranty: The F150 spark plugs have a limited warranty covering all manufacturing defects to the product within one year.
  • Gapped Plugs: These MAS plugs are gapped by the manufacturers, so drivers do not need to gap them for installation.
  • Worth the Dime: The 2010 Ford F150 spark plugs offer you so much value for your money. You cannot compare the price paid for the spark plugs to the quality you get from using them.
  • Set of eight spark plugs.
  • They are the best MAS spark plugs for 2007 – 2010 Ford F150 trucks.


  • Metal Shavings: The 2010 F150 spark plugs are covered in metal swarfs that require cleaning before installation.
  • Missing Parts: Drivers complain that some of the packs contain ignition coils and no spark plugs. Others complain of receiving spark plugs and no ignition coils.

Our Opinion

These MAS plugs are already gapped and have a limited warranty for all factory faults noticed. Although the spark plugs might be covered in metal shavings, once cleaned, they are the best fit for 07 – 10 4.6 Ford F150.

ENA Spark Plugs – Best 2008 Ford F150 Spark Plugs

The ENA set of eight plugs have a one-year limited warranty covering defects and manufacturing damages to the product. The 2008 F150 spark plugs possess a center electrode with fewer wears than other spark plugs. They are designed to suit all factory-fit replacements and ensure superior performance and efficiency.


  • One-year limited warranty: These Ford F150 5.4 spark plugs possess a 1-year warranty for all factory defects.
  • Low-Priced: These spark plugs are relatively cheap and serve the best purpose for your engine.
  • Improved Performance: The ENA plugs aid fuel efficiency and enhanced engine performance.
  • The set contains eight spark plugs.
  • The ENA set of plugs is the best for the 2008 Ford F150 5.4L.


  • Short Span: Some drivers complain that the ENA set of plugs do not last for long due to breakages and misfires.
  • Plug Misfires: The electrodes of the spark plugs are quite loose and might slip off from the engine, causing it to misfire.

Our Verdict

If you need an affordable alternative for your engine, these ENA set of plugs for the 2008 Ford F150 are your deal!

Other Helpful Tools Follow-Up Ford F150 Spark Plugs

These tools are spark plug accessories that aid easy removal and installation. On the other hand, the spark wires transfer electricity across the spark plugs and the ignition.

OTC F150 Socket      

The spark plug socket is compatible with newer models of the Ford F150 from 2004. It is constructed by the OTC brand and has a rubber slip meant to retain and hold the spark plug during removal or installation. It possesses a 9/6-inch end and 3/8-inch top and an extension that helps fit the spark plug into the cylinder head with ease.

However, the rubber insert might not be as tight on the spark plug as some drivers desire. Some drivers complain that the socket has a loose hold on the spark plugs.

Ford Spark Socket by CTA Tools

These plug sockets for Ford F150 trucks by CTA tools have a rubber slip that prevents spark plugs from breaking off during removal or installation. The CTA spark plug socket allows for an extension of a 3/8-inch drive.

However, the spark plug socket only fits selected models of the Ford F150; it might not be the best tool to pull out spark plugs from newer models of the Ford truck. Truck owners might have to ensure that the spark socket is the best tool for the specific year and engine model of their Ford F150 before placing an order.

Ares Spark Plug Removal Tool

These plug sockets for Ford F150 trucks by CTA tools have a rubber slip that prevents spark plugs from breaking off during removal or installation. The CTA spark plug socket allows for an extension of a 3/8-inch drive.

However, the spark plug socket only fits selected models of the Ford F150; it might not be the best tool to pull out spark plugs from newer models of the Ford truck. Truck owners might have to ensure that the spark socket is the best tool for the specific year and engine model of their Ford F150 before placing an order.

Spark Plug Wire Set by Motorcraft

This Motorcraft spark plug wire reduces the risk of your truck engine misfiring due to slip-off from the plug hole. Once fixed, it helps boost your engine performance and guarantees against spark failure.

However, lack of proper quality control by manufacturers has led to some complaints by drivers about missing parts in their delivered package. The wire also stands the risk of popping off from plugs constantly.

New Racing Spark Plug Wire

This Ford racing plug wire can withstand high-temperature rate and ensures spark loss. It is only compatible with F150 trucks using a 5.0 or 5.8 v8 engine. It is not best for vehicle models with point ignition systems.

However, ensure the wires are compatible with your vehicle else you might experience some difficulties manipulating the wire.

Installation Guide For Ford F150 Spark Plugs

Have you ever thought that installing spark plugs for Ford F150 is complicated, and you can’t seem to pull through with the process? Then, this step by step guide would lead you through the installation process for Ford F150 spark plugs. Let’s get right into it!

  1. First, to install new spark plugs for Ford F150, you have to lower the tires of your truck. Lowering the tires would give you access to the engine without any hassles. You would need to disassemble some wires because the spark plugs slot is located beneath these wires.
  2. Open the bonnet of your car to reach your engine. The throttle body has a black cover on it. Three bolts, two and one on either side; hold down the black cap on the throttle body. Loosen the bolts and keep them safe, so they don’t fall into the engine valley.
  3. Set aside the air intake tube from the throttle body to the air filter housing. To do so, unfasten the hose clamps at both ends using an eight-millimeter socket. Also, loosen the connector found underneath.
  4. Once you have loosened these things, unfasten the power steering reservoir. The three bolts holding down the power reservoir need to come off. A bolted bracket located beside the power reservoir, and all other coils obstructing the process should get unplugged. You can use a seven-millimeter socket to achieve this.
  5. Release the connectors by pressing a tab inwards before tugging the connector. Locate the tab by using your fingers to feel the underside of the connector gently for a bulge. Once you achieve this, take out all the power plugs. Through the use of a blowgun, blow out all the spark plug holes.
  6. Then, remove the spark plugs for your F150 from the packet. Remember to gauge the size of your plugs, so it fits your vehicle.

Before placing an order for a plug, you must have read through your car owner’s manual or the instructions on your truck engine to confirm the precise size and type of spark plug to use.

  1. Once you are sure the spark plug you intend to fix is compatible with your engine, apply an anti-seize to the threads of your Ford F150 spark plugs. Use an air-blower to blow out all the debris found in the spark plug hole before you pull out your old spark plugs.
  2. Pulling out your old plugs might be delicate and tasking if the bottom of the spark plugs in your engine is prone to breakages. You might need to use a plug extractor to simplify the pull-out or refer to the Ford manual for installation and removal of spark plugs.

Once you remove the old spark plugs, replace them with the new ones. Screw them in moderately. The spark plugs only need to be tightened to a limited degree, to avoid damaging the plug.

  1. Upon successfully fixing the spark plugs, re-attach all the bolts and every other part you removed.
  2. Voila! Your new Ford F150 5.4 spark plugs have been installed and ready to spark.

About Notable Ford F150 Spark Plugs Brands


NGK Spark Plug

The NGK spark plug company emerged into the spark plug industry in 1936. Located in Japan, NGK specializes in selling spark plugs and other engine accessories. They are also dealers in ceramics and other cutting tools.



The Motorcraft brand is the leading producer of OEM replacement parts for vehicles by the Ford Motors company. Their products are recommended and backed by the company founded in 1903.



Denso Global are automobile part producers located in Japan and founded in 1949. The brand produces OEM parts and other aftermarket parts for vehicles. Toyota Motors own a quarter percent of the Denso brand.


E3 Spark Plugs

The E3 spark plugs company came into existence in 1997. They are producers of spark plugs for various automobile applications ranging from trucks, lawnmowers, motorcycles.


Herko Automotive

The automotive brand was founded in 1988 and has its headquarters in Miami. They specialize in producing and distributing  OEM and aftermarket parts for vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ford F150 Spark Plugs

I own a Ford F150, kindly recommend 2001 Ford F150 spark plugs that would suit my truck engine. Any recommended brand would suffice?

The ENA set of eight spark plugs and ignition coils are highly recommended 2001 F150 spark plugs for your vehicle. They are suitable for 00-11 Ford F150 and have a limited year warranty covering all factory defects. They are compatible with 4.6Liter engine

I need the best NGK 2002 Ford F150 spark plugs recommendation I can get. Only NGK suggestions, please.

The NGK VPower Spark Plug, suitable for a 4.2Liter v6 engine, is the best 2002 Ford F150 spark plug for your truck. they are six pieces in a set, and they possess cold-rolled threads that prevent damage to the cylinder head.


Spark plugs are essential car accessories that keep all the components of your engine running. You know you need a replacement when your truck refuses to start, develops a rough throttle response, and lacks a good fuel economy.

Getting the best replacement for your engine depends on the model of your truck and the kind of plug you need. In this review, we considered spark plugs from different brands compatible with different makes and models of the Ford F150.

Each F150 spark plug is best suited for specific engine types of your truck. If you need an OEM replacement part, you could opt for the Motorcraft or other brands recommended by Ford Motors.

However, if you’re hoping to try a different spark plug brand, you can opt for the E3 spark plug, Denso, and NGK.

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