10 ways to increase your fuel economy!

1) Keeping your tires properly inflated can improve fuel economy by up to one mile per gallon! In a typical car that’s as much as 15-20 more miles to the tank. 2) Agressive driving such as speeding, rapid acceleration and last minute hard braking can reduce fuel economy by up to 33%. 3) Use the correct weight of oil when you go to change it. Using an oil that is too heavy can reduce fuel economy by 1-2% and reduce engine life with inadequate lubrication. 4) Heavier vehicles take more power to get moving which reduce your fuel economy. Taking an extra 100 pounds out of your car can increase your fuel economy by about 1-2%. 5) Don’t use a higher grade fuel than your vehicles owners manual calls for. The increased octane not only won’t boost performance or economy but can even reduce performance and economy. 6) Don’t top off the gas tank when you fill up. The additional gas can leak out if the tank is overfilled. 7) Change your air filter regularly, this can amount for up to 10% of your reduced fuel economy. 8) When you are driving up a hill let the speed drop a little and don’t try to accelerate. You can always speed up again when you go down the hill on the other side. 9) Old, worn out spark plugs can reduce your fuel economy by up to 30% in extreme cases. 10) Make sure your gas cap is functioning properly and is tight after you pump gas. A loose, damaged or even missing gas cap can let fuel evaporate out of the tank while the car is just sitting there off.